Quonset Hut Steel Buildings

Steel Arch Buildings

Matching your surroundings with your Steel Arch Buildings A steel arch building is an awesome way to protect vehicles and other possessions from exposure to nature’s elements; but what happens when it looks just a tad out of place on your property, or as though it is a temporary building? There are lots of different […]

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The Promise of Steel

In my last blog post, I talked about ongoing research to make steel even stronger.   In this country, we are lucky that building standards have required structural engineering plans that involve steel and that those standards are enforced.  During our short history as a nation, we have learned many lessons from natural disasters and other […]

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How Studying Fire and Cigarettes Is Making Steel Stronger

Who says you can’t make steel even better?  I posted an article on Facebook a while back about civil engineering students and professors at Purdue University researching how to make steel structures stronger.  And as the 10 year anniversary of the terrible events of 9/11 approached and passed, I found myself intrigued by the research […]

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Steel for a Greener World

In the current world and economy, more and more people are seeking greener alternatives for everything from the food they eat to vehicles they drive.  And the choices both consumers and builders make when constructing new buildings or remodeling old spaces is no different. Builders and consumers are looking for materials that will be long […]

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