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Powerbilt Buildings Features
  • 40 Year AZ55 Galvalume® Coating Warranty
  • Full Colored Arches Available
  • Full Colored Ends Available
  • 24 Hour Customer Service
  • Low Cost Community Freight
  • 7″ Deep Panel with Alternating Overlaps
  • Flat Overlap on Panel Sides
  • Squared Overlaps on Panel Sides
  • Available in 14′ to 90′ Widths
  • Bolted Every 6″ at LapsPre-Assembled Washers on Bolts
  • Roll Formed Cross-Corrugation (More Rigid)
  • Engineered for High Snow Loads without Factory Ends
  • Extensive Updated Easy to follow Construction Manual
  • 100% U.S. Made Materials
  • Design Tested and Engineered Stamped
  • Drawings available for all 50 states
  • Heavy Duty 80,000 ksi yield steel
  • All Pre-drilled Holes
  • Standard Concrete Drawings
  • Standard Flashings for Custom Ends
  • Factory to Customer Lifetime* Warranty
  • Energy Star Compliant Program for Galva
Our Competitors
  • Galvanized Steel with NO Warranty
  • Voice Mail/Answering Service
  • Full Freight Costs
  • In-line Overlaps (Reduces Strength)
  • Corrugated Overlaps at Panel Ends
  • Rounded Overlaps on Panel Sides
  • Restricted to 40′, 50′ or 60′ Widths
  • Bolted Every 9 1/2″ at Laps
  • No Washers on Bolts
  • Stretch-Formed Corrugation (Reduces Gauge)
  • Requires Factory Ends for Snow Loads
  • Outdated Construction Manual
  • Imported Materials
  • Non-Tested
  • 22 gauge 36ksi Steel
  • Pilot Holes (Requires Labor-Intensive Drilling)
  • Concrete Drawings Requires Additional Charge
  • Flashi
  • ngs for Ends Requires Additional Charge
  • Limited Warranty
Comparison of Powerbilt’s Quonset Building Specifications with Competitors
Our Panel Overlap
  • Last 9″ of panel is smooth
  • Fits snug together -saves 30-40% on erection
  • No struggle with assembly
  • No caulking required for waterproofing
Power Bilt Buildings
Competitors Panel Overlap
  • Last 9″ of panel is crimped
  • Does not fit snug together – difficult to assemble, requires 30-40% more erection time
  • More alignment needed with drift pins
  • Caulking is required for waterproofing – very time consuming, as each overlap must have four rows of caulking to prevent leaks
Power Bilt Buildings
Our Panel Crimping
  • Crimps are together and smaller in depth
  • No buckling problems
  • 25% increase in strength
  • All arches are predrilled
Power Bilt Buildings
Competitors Panel Crimping
  • Crimps are farther apart and larger in depth
  • Buckling problems
  • Panels are weaker
  • Some offer pilot holes.
Power Bilt Buildings
Our Hardware
  • High grade, long life fastener available
  • More durable with industrial grade low density polyethylene recessed washer
  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Colored fasteners available with colored arches and endwalls
  • All models arch connections are double overlapped
  • Minimum grading
  • Less tolerance variation
  • AZ55 direct warranty from steel mill
  • High resistance against corrosion
  • 40 year warranty
  • Studies show panel life is 40+ years
  • Florida testing approval for high wind velocity, up to 150mph. Florida approval number FL-5897
  • Full colored arches available
  • Colored endwalls and trim available
  • We are the leading metal building manufacturer
Power Bilt Buildings
Competitors Hardware
  • Grade 2 bolts – 200 hr fastener
  • Less durable
  • Low strength
  • Not corrosion resistant
  • Single lap on some models
  • Nominal grading
  • Greater tolerance variation
  • AZ50 NO direct warranty from steel mill 50% aluminum, 48.5% zinc, 1.5% silicone
  • Some use galvanized zinc coating – no warranty
  • 20 year warranty
  • low resistance to corrosion
  • No Florida testing approval
  • No colored arches available
  • No colored endwall or trim
Power Bilt Buildings
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