Using Quonset Buildings for Your Storage Business

Using Quonset Buildings for Your Storage Business
Jun 2022

There’s no denying that the US self-storage market is growing at an exponential rate, with an estimated value of over $64 billion by 2026! Not only does that mean plenty of cash for current storage building owners, but it also offers genuine potential to those who are keen to get started in the self-storage market.

One of the biggest factors for the increase in storage demand was the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people turned to work at home, there was a greater demand by businesses and individuals who need to store items in order to achieve a new worker paradigm that is set to stay. The impact of this change in workplaces is that there are now more storage buildings needed than ever before!

Choose Quonset Hut Buildings to Grow Your Own Storage Business

With such a booming industry, it is no shock to learn that more Americans are interested in becoming storage business owners, and the great news is that there is enough demand for everyone to benefit from.

If you are keen to install a Quonset as your storage building, then you are not alone! Providing a safe and secure location for people in your location means that not only will you be trusted with the good care of their most valuable items but you can also look forward to great profit margins too. Storage buildings really are a great business decision right now!

The Things You Need to Consider When Investing in Quonset Hut Buildings

If you are keen to invest in Quonset hut kits that can be transformed into storage solutions, then you are not on your own! Take a look at some of the key considerations before you buy:

  • Does a Quonset Hut Work for Storage – many people think that a Quonset cannot be used for storage due to its shape, but this is inaccurate. Each Quonset hut has a large, clear span area that can be used for many great storage solutions.
  • Can You Afford Quonset Hut Prices – if you are worried about affording Quonset hut prices, then don’t be! Opting for a metal Quonset is an affordable way to achieve your storage business goals.
  • Understanding Sizing – when you come to Powerbilt Steel Buildings, we can help you create a custom Quonset that will fit the size of land you have available. We will also help you work out what other considerations you will need to think of, including car parks and roads so that you can maximize the storage space you have to offer.
  • Thinking About Materials – Quonset buildings can be made in a wide range of materials, but if you are keen to get the longest-lasting option that is affordable, then choosing steel is the right way forward!
  • Consider Your Area Requirements – each state has different building policies and permission requirements, and it is up to you to ensure that you have followed them when you want to install a new building. Check with your local town council to find out about the certifications and zoning requirements you need to adhere to, and let our team design you a building that meets these requirements.
  • Save Cash and DIY – if you want to stretch every cent to achieve the best returns, then why not consider buying Quonset hut kits and installing them yourself? All you need is a prefab kit from us and a group of friends to get started! All our prefab kits come with extensive instructions and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

The Reasons You Should Choose a Quonset for Your Storage Business

While there are a number of storage options for you to choose from when you decide to enter the storage business, we think that Quonsets are the best choice. The main reasons for this include:

  • Being Made from Steel – finding a building that can last for years, with very little maintenance needs, can seem impossible. However, steel offers all of this and more! From better safety protection to lower utilities, steel is a great choice for your next storage building.
  • Finding an Affordable Solution – as Quonset huts are simple in design terms, you can look forward to getting a whole lot of building for less than you expect, especially when you choose a metal building solution. Cheaper to buy, install and maintain, metal Quonset huts are a great storage business plan.
  • You Can Customize Quonsets – creating a bespoke storage solution has never been easier than it is with a Quonset hut. You can customize everything on your metal building, including floor plans, accessories, and steel gauge!
  • Created to Fit Local Requirements – at Powerbilt Steel Buildings, we can take your local building codes and design you a Quonset that fits your needs. We have years of experience with a wide range of building codes, meaning you can be certain that your new business will not fail at the first hurdle.
  • Simple Maintenance – steel buildings are designed to last and take very little to remain in great condition. You will need to schedule annual maintenance checks, but you can look forward to a building that works for you and is easy to fix when issues do arise.
  • Fun to DIY – if you love a project and have a good team of people around you, then a Quonset building can be a lot of fun to DIY! We have a range of different kit options and can deliver to your site free of charge, ready for you to get to work.

Trust Powerbilt Steel Buildings With Your Quonset Storage Business

If you are keen to progress your storage dream into a reality, then Quonset buildings from Powerbilt Steel Buildings are the solution you need. At Powerbilt Steel Buildings, we are proud to be a well-established, leading Quonset building manufacturer in the US. All of our buildings are American-made, and we offer outstanding customer service so that you get your needs met with the least fuss!

If you want a building that can be delivered nationwide, comes with great pricing, and can be fully customized, then you need Powerbilt Steel Buildings! Connect with us today at +1 (800) 547-8335 to get your new business up and running.

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