Material Specification of Commercial Steel Buildings


Galvalume is an aluminum-zinc coated steel that provides extra corrosion protection for our arch commercial steel buildings.

Galvalume steel blends the best qualities of aluminum-coated and zinc-coated steel. This steel has a barrier of corrosion resistance and heat resistance similar to aluminized steel. By using Galvalume on your commercial steel buildings or steel arch buildings, you can rest knowing that they’ll withstand rust, extreme weather, and fire while providing a durable and protective cover for your valuables.


Our steel buildings are protected by a special coating called Galvalume. This coating is made of aluminum and zinc and provides better protection than traditional galvanized steel with the same amount of coating. In fact, in most atmospheric environments, Galvalume can last at least twice as long as conventional galvanized steel.

In a 13-year series of exposure tests conducted by Bethlehem Steel, Galvalume steel proved to have a longer lifespan than galvanized steel.
Four times in exposure tests in a severe marine environment

  1. Twice as long in a less severe marine location
  2. Six times longer in industrial environments


Galvalume steel resists intermediate and high temperatures far more effectively than galvanized steel.

Specifically, Galvalume steel shows no discoloration up to 600°F during continuous or intermittent exposure over a prolonged period. Above this temperature, some discoloration does occur, and roughening of the surface is possible. Neither this discoloration nor roughening, however, reduces Galvalume’s resistance to rust. Galvalume maintains its rust-resistance up to 1,250°F, and has excellent heat reflectivity, making steel arch building stay cooler inside on hot, sunny days.

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