Whether you’re a private flyer, or a commercial pilot, Quonset huts are an excellent choice to protect your aircraft and equipment from the harsh weather conditions.

Quonset Steel Hangars for the Aviation Industry

Powerbilt Quonset Aircraft Hangars offer an affordable and secure solution for a wide variety of aircraft storage and related needs. Unlike traditional outsourcing of hangar projects, which results in high labor costs, constructing a Powerbilt hangar with steel panels can be done by yourself at a fraction of the cost. With an easy-to-follow assembly manual included in the Quonset hangar kit, the building process is hassle-free.

These hangars are low maintenance, energy-efficient, and strong to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Their clear span design provides maximum storage space, and gives you the ability to expand by adding more panels. Whether you need storage for private planes, airport maintenance vehicles, or mixed-use hangars, Powerbilt has you covered.

  1. 40-Year Rust Through Warranty
  2. 100% U.S. Labor
  3. Heaviest Gauge
  4. Commercial US Steel

Aircraft Hangar Sizes

Choosing the right hangar for your aircraft or project is important, and Powerbilt Steel Buildings is here to ensure you get the best. Our Quonset hangar kits are designed to serve a variety of needs. They range from 20′ to 60′ wide, perfect for small to mid-sized aircraft, and can be customized to fit your specific configuration. Even up to 80’ wide or larger!

Arch Style Quonset Hangar Kits

What sets our kits apart from the competition? For one, we utilize high-quality materials, and have adopted sustainable building practices that minimize your carbon footprint. These materials are delivered to your doorstep, and each Quonset hut kit comes with an easy-to-follow assembly manual, so even first-time builders will be able to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, Powerbilt delivers directly from our factory to your location, streamlining the delivery and scheduling process. We prioritize swift service, with factory-stamped drawings reaching you within just seven days of your order.

Build Your Aircraft Hangar with Our Quonset Kit

Using prefab hangar kits to create your personal airport or aviation facility can save you tons of time and money. With these kits, you can create a plane hangar that’s perfectly suited for your aviation needs. Let’s look at our four-step process:

  1. Choose a Hangar Model: Choose between the Q and S models, as both are widely used for aircraft.
  2. Choose your Hangar Size: Ensure the size fits your aircraft needs and dimensions, whether it’s single planes or larger aircraft.
  3. Decide on Hangar Doors: Choose doors that offer both security and easy access, considering the aircraft’s dimensions.
  4. Plan Construction: All our buildings are pre-drilled and pre-welded in our factory after receiving your order, simplifying construction for you or our crews on-site.

Customize Your Quonset Aviation Buildings

Quonset aviation buildings are not just strong and reliable, they’re also flexible in design. This allows you to shape them to fit your specific needs. Whether you want a small space for a smaller aircraft or a larger area for multiple planes, you can adjust the size and model to fit your project. You can also add doors of different sizes or design the interior to include office spaces or storage areas. You get to decide how it looks, functions, and feels.

These hangars provide longer lasting benefits and can take on more applications compared to other hangars in the market.

Benefits of Quonset hangars

  • Affordable Structures
  • More Security and Protection
  • Extra Room for Storage
  • Work Area Space
  • Made of Special Galvalume Steel
  • Able to Withstand Inclement Weather

Aircraft Hangars Used for

  • Helicopter Hangars
  • Aviation Storage Buildings
  • Soaring Club Buildings
  • Aviation Equipment Buildings
  • Aviation Fueling Depots and Canopies
  • Aircraft Maintenance Buildings
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