Steel Building Assembly

When it comes to steel building assembly, no other company offers easier instructions. Your Powerbilt metal building or steel home is shipped from the factory with an easy-to-follow assembly manual.

When your Quonset hut arrives at your site, you’ll want to unload and lay out the different components in their assembly order and check all parts against the shipping invoice to confirm that you’ve received everything you need for your steel building assembly.

Powerbilt Steel Buildings Assembly Instructions
Step 1 - Lay Down the Foundation

As you will be constructing your Quonset hut from scratch, the place to start is with the concrete foundation. Powerbilt recommends that you pour a simple floating concrete perimeter with trough for the steel arches. Base connectors are available for existing foundations.

Lay Down the Foundation
Step 2 - Build Your Arches

Installing a Quonset building is safe and easy, with most of the work completed in the factory. The building only requires one size nut and bolt to complete installation.

Build Your Arches
Step 3 - Raise Arches

Next, slide the assembled steel arches into the foundation trough and raise them to an upright position. If you are assembling and erecting half arches, basic supports or scaffolding will hold them in place and speed up the erection process.

Raise Arches
Step 4 - Fit Arches Together

Continue progressively raising and joining the arches together to form your Quonset building. Precision engineering ensures that the arches will fit snugly together. If you are working with half arches, you can lap and bolt them together to create a full arch.

Fit Arches Together
Step 5 - Bolt the Arches

If you’re using a trough, seal the base with concrete. Or, if you already have a foundation in place, bolt the arches to the base connectors. With these simple steps, your arches will be ready to take on whatever challenges come their way!

Bolt the Arches
Step 6 - The Final Touch

You are now ready to add finishing touches to your Quonset hut buildings, such as end walls, doors, insulation, windows, ventilators, and skylights.

The Final Touch
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