Government Quonset Buildings

Government Quonset buildings are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes by the government and military. They can be used as steel gymnasiums for Naval Special Warfare in Virginia, metal fire and emergency facilities in Louisiana, salt storage facilities in the town of Bristol, Rhode Island, or even as a maintenance building for the Federal Prison System in Kentucky. These buildings are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, making them a reliable choice for any government or military needs.

Why Choose Our Government Buildings Kits

  1. Quick to Build: Quonset buildings are designed to be built fast. They are lightweight and can be moved or carried easily.
  2. Special Connectors for Speed: To make building quicker, we use special base connectors. This speeds up the whole construction process.
  3. Packaged for Easy Transport: These buildings are packed together in small skids. This makes them easy to send anywhere, even to other countries.
  4. Simple to Assemble: Just bolt the panels together. This means you can build the whole structure with the help of only three to four people. However larger structures may require professional installation.
  5. Clear Instructions Included: Every shipment of Powerbilt’s government and military steel buildings comes with an easy-to-understand manual, making assembly easy.

Why Choose Powerbilt for Government Buildings

  • Fast assembly
  • Made of special galvalume steel
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Over 20 years of experience in designing in metal buildings
  • Factory-direct prices
  • 30-year warranty
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