Using Quonset Huts for Your Commercial Greenhouse Needs

Using Quonset Huts for Your Commercial Greenhouse Needs
May 2022

Every great gardener will tell you that the one piece of kit they cannot live without is their greenhouse. Not only do greenhouses provide an ideal environment for plants, but they can also be used to lengthen the growing season and encourage fragile plants to develop into strong ones. Modern greenhouses are made from a wide range of materials, with excess light being the common denominator.

Commercial greenhouses are vital to many American businesses who work hard to provide homes across the country with the plants, fruit, and vegetables that they need. These greenhouses need to be big and long with open plan space that enables workers to access all the plants in the most efficient way.

Commercial greenhouses also need to be secure and adhere to growing and zoning requirements laid out in local and national laws. More and more we are seeing Quonset huts being used as commercial greenhouses as they are secure and durable – allowing growers to focus on getting their business to be as streamlined as possible.

What You Need to Consider Before Investing in a Quonset Building

If you have decided that Quonset huts are the best option for your greenhouse, then you will need to consider several things before purchasing your Quonset hut kits. Take a look at the main points for your consideration:

  • Quonset Size – the first thing you will need to decide is how big you want your Quonset to be so that all your commercial needs can be met without overcrowding the space.
  • Quonset Location – a commercial building needs easy access and it is vital that you consider the best possible location to get the most daylight as well as being accessible to your team and your clients.
  • Consider Your Land – before you begin building, you will need to have carefully measured the location for the Quonset hut and ensure that you have enough land available without taking up room that you need for other aspects of your business.
  • Regulation Requirements – commercial buildings are held to rigorous standards; make sure that you have checked the building regulations for your new commercial greenhouse and ensure that every aspect complies with what is laid out in them.
  • Think About Crops – with such a large space available, you will need to carefully plan the crops you want to grow in the Quonset and consider their growing and watering needs so that you can ensure that the layout supports good growth.
  • Accessibility – whether you are going to be open to the public or you just want your team to be able to get to work, you will need to think about accessibility so that your Quonset is ready to be used.
  • Utilities – all commercial greenhouses need to be located near water and other utilities. If yours isn’t, then you will need to arrange to have them installed before you start building so that you can enjoy your Quonset hut from the moment it is complete.
  • Future Plans – the great thing about metal buildings is that they can be easily extended as your needs grow. Make sure to locate your new hut in a place where there is space to extend should your business ever need it.
  • Parking – commercial greenhouses are usually open to customers and so you will need to build an appropriate car park for them to access the site. Include this as part of your plans so that you don’t have to compromise on space when you want to expand.
  • Storage Space – you will also need to ensure that there is adequate storage space factored into your design so that all your tools, equipment, chemicals, and seeds can be kept safe and secure.

Quonset Considerations After Plans Have Been Completed

Once you have completed all your initial plans, you will then need to think about the day-to-day running and maintenance of your new commercial greenhouse. Some of the most important considerations for this include:

  • Installing, Heating, and Cooling – all commercial greenhouses will produce great results if the temperature is just right. This means thinking about heating and cooling fans to help create the right temperature all year round.
  • Ventilation – installing an automatic ventilation system will help to keep plants healthy and avoid them from being scorched when the weather is particularly hot.
  • Natural Light – even with the large windows, a commercial greenhouse may need to rely upon artificial natural light when the weather is at its worst. Check out the range of solutions and make sure they are installed before you start growing.
  • Energy Efficiency – keeping your utility bills low is always going to be a priority, so make sure that all the appliances you decide to install have the highest energy efficiency ratings possible.

Why Quonset Huts Are a Great Choice

Choosing a new building for your commercial greenhouse can be daunting, but you can be certain that when you opt for a Quonset, you are getting access to the best solution. Not only are these buildings light and airy, but they are also fully customizable, extendable, and seriously easy to install.

Metal Quonset huts have grown in popularity over the years, and they are now used for homes, businesses, aircraft hangers, and greenhouses up and down the country. They can also be divided into separate rooms and the shape of the Quonset means ample growing room for all your planting needs.

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