Why are Quonset Huts Great for the Southeast?

Why are Quonset Huts Great for the Southeast?
Jul 2020

The Southeast United States is known for a few key things—hospitality, football, and storms. If you’re from the region, you likely are familiar with and participate in all three of these defining characteristics consistently. After all, there’s nothing like enjoying a barbeque on gameday while a hurricane looms in the Atlantic, right?

When it comes to weather events, the Southeast certainly has some experience. Due to this, the need for robust buildings is exceptionally high in the region. Read on to learn about Quonset huts and why they’re so great for the Southeast.

The Southeast Experiences More Costly Storms

Hurricane season in the Southeast is nothing to take lightly. Each year, hurricanes threaten the coastal states and their neighbors and cause significant damage to personal property and public infrastructure. Some storms are worse than others, with several infamous storms causes tens of billions of dollars’ worth of damage.

  • Hurricane Katrina – $163.8 Billion
  • Hurricane Harvey – $126.3 Billion
  • Hurricane Maria – $90.9 Billion
  • Hurricane Irma – $50.5 Billion
  • Hurricane Andrew – $48.6 Billion
  • Hurricane Ike – $35.4 Billion
  • Hurricane Ivan – $27.5 Billion
  • Hurricane Wilma – $24.9 Billion
  • Hurricane Rita – $24.2 Billion
  • Hurricane Charley – $21.4 Billion

Clearly, Southeastern storms are forces to be reckoned with. The storms mentioned above only represent a fraction of those that have occurred in recent decades. They not only cause significant damage to the economy but to people’s lives.

How Can Steel Quonset Huts Reduce Risk?

Thankfully, Quonset huts and their most defining characteristics can help reduce the risks inherent to the Southeast United States. With several traits that relate directly to the factors at play in the Southeast, opting for a Quonset hut is a great idea.

  • Strength – The impressive strength of Quonset huts is well-known and regarded. Thanks to the shape steel Quonset huts, the all-steel construction, and the various customizations that can be made to add even more strength, these buildings are perfect for use in areas that experience high winds and other extreme weather events. The Southeast is prime territory for metal Quonset huts to excel.
  • Wind Resistance – The most damaging element of most storms, including most hurricanes, is the intense winds that accompany them. Quonset huts are built to withstand the winds that such storms are known for, helping your building stand strong and whatever is inside it stay safe.
  • Professional Engineering – Every steel Quonset hut is precisely engineered for your unique situation, including your geographic location and the challenges it may bring. Further, each is specifically designed and engineered to withstand storms of all shapes and sizes, giving you peace-of-mind when you need it most.

Quonset Hut Costs in the Southeast

While Quonset huts in the Southeast do require a significant investment in upfront cost due to the need for engineering that can withstand high wind speeds, that money is well-spent. When a metal Quonset hut is properly engineered for its environment, it will feature more notable durability, longevity, and reliability. In other words, your return on investment is substantial and far outweighs the cost.

Even from state to state in the region, cost can vary due to the wind load rating requirements of that particular state. In Florida, for example, the wind load rating requirement is higher than it is in Alabama. As such, a steel Quonset hut in Florida may carry a slightly higher initial price tag. However, that cost is well worth it when a storm comes along, and your Quonset hut protects your property from significant damage!

Powerbilt Steel Buildings – The Best Quonset Huts Manufacturer for the Southeast

With the amount of devastation the Southeast United States has seen due to storms, especially within the last few decades, it is no surprise that more and more individuals and businesses are investing in robust metal buildings. Steel Quonset huts are ideal for Southeastern applications for numerous reasons, including their ability to withstand strong winds and extreme weather.

Powerbilt Steel Buildings has established itself as the best manufacturer of metal Quonset huts in the Southeast thanks to its industry-leading quality, unmatched customer service, and reliability as a brand. If you live in the Southeast and need a building that will inspire peace-of-mind when hurricane season comes along, call Powerbilt Steel Buildings today on +1 (800) 547-8335.

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