The Green Advantage of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

Feb 2011

Green Advantage of Prefabricated Steel Buildings

When most people think of prefabricated steel buildings, they think of the convenience, cost effectiveness and ease of construction the buildings offer over traditional structures. They often do not mention one distinct and big advantage of prefabricated steel buildings. They are a green alternative to traditional structures.

The materials needed to build a traditional structure require a lot of energy. Trees must be cut down and drywall, roof shingles and paint must be produced. Prefabricated steel buildings leave a much smaller footprint. As reported by the Steel Recycling Institute, 80 percent or more of steel in the US is recycled. Steel is recycled more than any other recyclable good. And steel is 100 percent recyclable. We spend a lot of time and money maintaining traditional buildings. We have to put new vinyl or wood siding on the outside, point the bricks, replace the shingles on rooftops, paint the outside and inside and repair old drywall and plaster. The old materials cannot be used again and end up in our landfills. Prefabricated steel buildings have tremendous longevity. Steel is built to last and, consequently, your prefabricated steel buildings are too. Additionally, there is virtually no maintenance required of your steel buildings. You do not need to paint, put siding on, maintain gutters or replace roof shingles. That means less waste is going into our landfills to maintain your prefabricated steel buildings than to maintain traditional buildings. Steel buildings are also more energy efficient than traditional buildings, which means you consume less energy to heat and cool them.

When you are considering options for a new structure, take the time to look at the green advantages prefabricated steel buildings offer over traditional construction. They are a choice you can feel good about because of the cost savings and convenience, but also because they are a smart choice for our planet.

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