Steel Arch Buildings

Jan 2013

Matching your surroundings with your Steel Arch Buildings

A steel arch building is an awesome way to protect vehicles and other possessions from exposure to nature’s elements; but what happens when it looks just a tad out of place on your property, or as though it is a temporary building? There are lots of different ways to make your car port look as though it belongs among your other buildings and have it add value to your property.

Will your Powerbilt Blend with your property

The best tip to blending your steel arch building with your property is to take into account color and style when you’re designing your building in the first place. Does your house have vertical siding? Choose that option for your car port as well. Is your barn red? Match your new car port to it! The addition of doors, gables, custom roof orientation and other matching options can really give your car port a sense of belonging, dismissing any potential thoughts of, “What’s that doing here…?”

If your structure has already been built, there are still a number of things that you can do to ensure your  steel building looks like it belongs. Consider planting permanent bushes, trees, flower beds, and other plants around your car port. This will give others the impression that your structure isn’t going anywhere and has a permanent reason to be on your property. You might also think about paving the way to your arch building, as nothing says permanence quite like cement. Decorations like wind chimes, thermometers, outdoor clocks and metal signs also offer feelings of permanence and belonging, so consider investing in light decor for your car port.

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