Protecting Aircraft and Storing Equipment with Quonset Aircraft Hangars

Protecting Aircraft and Storing Equipment with Quonset Aircraft Hangars
Sep 2020

It likely will not come as a surprise to know that aircraft and the related equipment are significant financial investments that require the utmost care, maintenance, and protection to remain in good working order and retain their value. For those who own and operate aircraft—either personally or as part of a larger organization—proper facilities to store aircraft and equipment are vital.

To ensure these valuable machines stay in tip-top condition, more Americans than ever are turning to metal Quonset buildings. These structures, which are highly customizable and shockingly cost-effective, provide numerous benefits that make them especially suited for aviation-related storage.

The Superior Protection of Quonset Aircraft Hangars

Protecting aircraft and the accompanying equipment is not a task to be taken lightly. With such valuable and delicate machinery, investing in the right facilities is of the utmost importance. There are numerous ways in which Quonset buildings meet and exceed those needs, including the following.

  • Customizable – Not all aircraft are the same, nor are their related needs. Quonset buildings from Powerbilt Steel Buildings are easy to customize, ensuring they suit your needs to perfection.
  • Extra Space – Aircraft are typically large and demand significant amounts of space to safely house. For common equipment and for when maintenance and repairs are needed, extra space is key. Quonset aircraft hangars can easily provide that valuable additional storage space.
  • Fire Resistance – Unlike traditional wooden structures, which are susceptible to fire, Quonset hangars are made of steel, making them highly resistant to fire.
  • Security – Protecting your aircraft and expensive equipment from those who would cause damage or engage in theft is important. Quonset aircraft hangars are secure, granting you the peace-of-mind you crave.
  • Strength – Steel is an exceptionally strong building material, making Quonset building strong and durable. They are sure to endure for years to come.
  • Weather Resistance – When inclement weather threatens, Quonset buildings stand strong. From heavy snow to extreme winds, you can rest assured that your building and the aircraft inside it will remain safe.
  • Workspace – Whether you need room to work on the aircraft or office space to perform more administrative duties, Quonset hangars provide adequate space to facilitate these tasks and more.

Using Your Aircraft Hangar

The advantages of Quonset aircraft hangars are numerous, as are the potential uses of these versatile buildings. No matter what your aircraft needs may be, a Quonset building from Powerbilt Steel Buildings is the ideal solution. To highlight the flexibility of these steel structures, we’ve provided a few examples of possible uses below.

  • Airplanes – With wings that stretch wide and tails that tower, creating a suitable storage facility for airplanes can be challenging, but not with Quonset hangars. Quonset buildings make it easy to design and customize the perfect hangar for your aircraft needs.
  • Club Buildings – For enthusiasts of all kinds and levels, enjoying the comradery of other aviation lovers is one of the appeals of passion. Quonset aircraft hangars provide an exceptional space for such clubs to host their gatherings, provide a comfortable area for flyers to relax, and otherwise further the community.
  • Equipment Storage – Keeping valuable equipment on-site and secure is convenient and confidence-inspiring, making equipment storage one of the many great uses for Quonset buildings.
  • Fueling Area – Offering fueling services in a safe, secure, and covered area is not only a luxury but also a way to ensure nothing goes awry with the potentially dangerous fuels that are on-site.
  • Helicopters – Airplanes may get all the glory, but helicopters need a safe area to be stored, too. Quonset aircraft hangars provide the ideal storage solution for helicopters of all kinds.
  • Maintenance – Performing maintenance on aircraft requires large amounts of space, necessary equipment, tools, and workers to all fit comfortably. Quonset buildings offer just that.

Set Your Expectations Sky High with Powerbilt Steel Buildings

For the best experience when it comes to designing and ordering the ideal aircraft hangar, turn to Powerbilt Steel Buildings. It offers superior quality buildings, unsurpassed customer service, and an unwavering commitment to ensuring your Quonset hangar fulfills your needs flawlessly.

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