Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do steel Quonset Hut Kits and arch buildings compare to conventional construction?
Powerbilt buildings and Quonset Hut steel buildings utilize state of the art computer aided design and drafting that create a high quality steel building at extremely competitive prices. Our steel arches and endwalls are designed with heavy gauge steel typically 2-3 times thicker than the 26 or 29 gauge steel used in conventional steel buildings or old fashioned pole barns.

2. Are your Quonset Hut Kit buildings “User-friendly”?
Yes. Our easy to follow foundation and construction manuals come with every building. In fact, 70-75% of our customers opt to construct the buildings themselves. With only one size nut and bolt used throughout the entire building and everything practically pre-cut and pre-drilled, it is easy to erect a Powerbilt Steel Building.

3. Does the Quonset Hut Kit building come with a warranty?
Absolutely! In writing. Our steel arch buildings come with a 25 year 6 month mill backed limited warranty and Powerbilt offers and additional 5 year limited warranty for a total of 30 years 6 months. Don’t be fooled get it in writing by an American manufacturer.

4. How long does it take to receive factory blueprints?
After a signed buyer’s order and a deposit has been received, factory drawings will be received in 10 working days. Physical addresses only, no PO boxes.

5. How long does it take to receive the steel building?
Typically steel buildings can be delivered within 4 weeks from receipt of all paperwork.

6. How do I offload the truck?
Offloading a steel Quonset Hut is easy. If a piece of equipment such as a forklift, frontloader, backhoe or towtruck is not available, building kits may be offloaded by hand. The heaviest individual arch or endwall piece is approximately 50 lbs. Depending on the size of your building, 3-4 people is recommended for a hand offload.

7. Do you need to paint my Quonset Hut Kit or steel arch buildings?
NO, it is not necessary, as it is, it’s virtually maintenance free. If you want to paint it, you should use exterior metal paint. Contact your local paint store for exact paint Specifications.

8. Will my Powerbilt steel arch building sweat?
It is very important to put a vapor barrier under your slab. All buildings condensate due to weather fluctuations. It is recommended to ventilate your Powerbilt metal buildings with (1) turbo ventilator for every 20′ of building.

9. How do I frame my own endwalls?
Simple, make sure to ask your Powerbilt representative for a deluxe endwall frame kit. Steel or wood studs fit nicely behind our trim kits enabling you to cover your custom wall with vinyl, wood or brick giving you that custom look to match your existing buildings.

10. Will my steel building home meet local codes?
Our steel building homes and garage kits are engineered with high wind and snow loads. In most cases our steel homes exceed county load requirement. Engineered stamped state drawings are available to insure your building will pass your local requirements.

11. Do I have to pour a slab to erect the building?
No. Our steel arch buildings can be erected on as little as a footing and slab can be poured at a later date, Asphalt, wood bases, concrete and even I-beams have been used to mount buildings.

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