Looking for a Better Parking Solution? Four Reasons People Choose Carports

Jul 2013
Metal carport for sale

Looking for a Better Parking Solution? Four Reasons People Choose Carports

Did you know that London is home to some of the most expensive parking fees in the world? Parking a car in the city will cost you the equivalent of over 800 dollars a month. In any country, one solution to home parking issues is the carport. A carport is basically a freestanding, roofed metal structure with no walls. Here are four reasons people decide to buy carports to protect their vehicles.

1. An Economical Choice

Adding a garage addition to your home will cost at least 7,500 dollars. Carport kits, on the other hand, average a cost of 2,600 dollars. For people looking for multicar options, the difference in expenses becomes even greater. Carports are also subject to fewer regulations than enclosed garage structures.

2. Protection

Why do people invest in instead of just leaving their car outdoors? For many of the same reasons people use garages. Did you know that 50 to 70 percent of vehicular hail damage claims are not repaired? There are multiple elements that can damage your car and diminish its value, including hail, rain, snow, and even sun. Carports offer protection from the majority of harmful elements.

3. Easy to Put Up

Constructing a garage addition for a house could take weeks or months. Metal carport buildings, on the other hand, can be put up in the space of a day or a weekend. Not only is carport installation relatively simple, but it only requires a few tools. This can be an advantage to someone who finds they have an unexpected need for extra storage, but does not want to wait four months to be able to protect their car.

4. Long Lasting

Metal carports are usually made from steel. Not only is steel an inexpensive, often recycled building material, but it is also versatile and durable in multiple environmental conditions. Barring a natural disaster, most carports can last for many years and are a good long term storage investment.

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