Life in a Quonset Hut House: Why You Need One

Life in a Quonset Hut House: Why You Need One
Jun 2021

Enjoy a Happy Life in a Quonset House

Back in 1941, America saw a new type of house emerge onto the market, Quonset homes. These homes were lightweight, easily shipped, and made from steel. They were the perfect project for anyone that wanted to build their own home without needing to be an expert in the construction. Interestingly, this type of building is still a popular choice today for anyone who wants to enjoy an affordable and stylish housing solution.

The great thing about Quonset hut homes is that they are customizable and can be easily moved, adapted, and afforded as opposed to traditional wooden huts. If you are interested in Quonset hut homes for sale, then you’re in the right place!

What a Quonset Hut House Can Offer

If you like the way a Quonset house looks but don’t know much about these buildings, then you will be pleased to know that they offer a lot more than just aesthetic pleasure! There are a number of great benefits to consider, including:

  • Their cost-effective nature – one of the biggest draws to buying Quonset homes is that they are incredibly affordable. The average cost of one of these buildings is around $150 per square foot, allowing you to get the best size for your wallet.
  • Their strength and sturdiness – these houses are extraordinarily strong and can function well even in areas of America that suffer from extreme weather. You can even purchase ones with upgraded steel and certifications to ensure that you are fully protected from whatever weather comes your way.
  • Their customizability – Quonset hut homes are a great choice if you want to plan the layout to your exact specifications and can be fully customized to suit the colors you want, the doors, windows, and more.
  • Their environmentally friendly makeup – if you want to live somewhere that offers the best in eco-friendly living, then steel Quonset homes are a great choice. Each sheet of steel is made from a mix of new and recycled metal, and the building will be fully recyclable should you ever want to get rid of it. Plus, it does not require any trees to be chopped in order to build it and will last for many years to come.
  • Their clear span layout – if you want a building that offers full, open-plan living, then Quonset buildings are great. They do not require any internal support columns and offer a clear span layout that can be customized and fitted to your individual needs and style.
  • Their durability – steel buildings are corrosion resistant and rust-resistant, meaning that they offer a level of durability that is not found with other types of homes. They are also fire-retardant and are not penetrable by rodents so that you can sleep soundly, knowing that you have the best level of protection in a house that will last for many years.

The Different Design Choices Available

The great thing about Quonset homes is that they come in a range of different designs so that you can achieve the look you want. The four models that are currently made are the:

  • Q Model – this type is the most popular as it offers the greatest durability for the most economical price. Q model buildings are between 20 feet and 100 feet wide.
  • S Model – the S model is typically used for barns and workshops as it has straight sidewalls and a roof that is domed. This type is typically 16 feet to 60 feet wide.
  • A Model – the A model has straight walls, a pitched roof and offers a more traditional gable look than the other models. It comes in a range of sizes and can be used for a house, a garage, or a workshop.
  • P Model – if you are looking for an all-round option that can be used for a home, a barn, or even a workshop, then the P model is great because it has a pitched roof and straight sidewalls. Typically P model buildings are between 16 feet and 30 feet wide.

If you like the idea of Quonset hut home kits but don’t know whether your style matches their design, then take a look at some of the most common looks that are created with these buildings:

  • Traditional home – creating a traditional look with your Quonset is easy as you can pick the color that suits your style and then match it with the right doors and windows to create a traditional feel. All you need to do then is furnish it to match!
  • Modern homes – if your design goals are more modern, then you can achieve this by installing large windows at either end of your house to create a sense of space and minimalism that fits your style goals.
  • Nature-themed homes – want to bring the outside in? Create a cabin-styled-Quonset with large windows and neutral tones so that your home can be at one with its surroundings.
  • Desert-themed house – if you want to create a house that is fit for the desert, then a large, light domed roof to reflect the sun is essential, as well as light-colored walls and doors.
  • Backyard homes – if you want a guest space or a place to get a break, then a small backyard Quonset is a great idea and can be made to fit any space.
  • Military-style homes – if you love all things military, then building a home that uses khaki colors, small side windows, and a large door will create the look you want.
  • Colorful Quonsets – if you are a vibrant soul, then no matter what style of home you want to create, make sure it is colorful and inviting so that your personality shines through.

Insulating a Quonset Home

A Quonset hut house kit must be insulated as the structure is prone to overheating in summer and being excessively cold in winter. The best Quonsets come with insulation that is durable and typically reinforced with fiberglass or nylon mesh.

If you are keen to insulate your home yourself, then you will need to attach spacers at 2-foot intervals and then attach your insulation to the spacers, ensuring that you tape the seams to keep everything intact.

The Cost of a Quonset Home

The cost of a Quonset home will vary depending on your location and the size of building you want to install. The average cost per square foot is around $150, but this can go up or down depending on whether you want it installed or if you are going to install it yourself.

We Have the Best Quonset Hut Homes for Sale

If you want to buy a home that is durable, affordable, and stylish, then a Quonset home is a great choice. Whether you want Quonset hut home kits to choose from or a service that can design, create and install your new building, then Powerbilt Steel Buildings is here for you.

We are an established manufacturer of Quonset buildings and work with clients from across the country to fulfill your needs, wherever you are. We take pride in offering the best possible customer service and only ever sell American-made buildings. We offer the best prices around and are so confident in our offer that we will match any prices you find that come in less than our offer. Call our team today at +1 (800) 547-8335  to find out more and book an initial appointment!

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