How to Make Your Steel Quonset Hut Unique

How to Make Your Steel Quonset Hut Unique
Nov 2020

Though Quonset huts are fairly commonplace, they’ve only been popular since World War 2, when the United States Navy needed an all-purpose, lightweight building that could be shipped anywhere in the world. As a result, these huts were home to the finest MASH units, munitions supply storages, and barracks that helped turn the war’s tide. Since then, their ready-to-use steel construction set-up, multi-purpose use, and affordable costs have all made them a popular option for civilians as well.

Part of the reason for Quonset huts’ popularity is the vast options available for customizing them. With 20 years in the business, Powerbilt Steel Buildings has seen them all, and we’re here to help you make a Quonset hut your very own. You can build garages, workshops, storage areas, and even homes using a Quonset hut’s recyclable steel exterior as a frame.

Quonset Customization: A World of Options

A Quonset hut is a very versatile structure. After all, they are all-purpose and certainly live up to that moniker. You can build virtually anything within the half-circle. The various ways you can customize it, make it an attractive option for DIY builders, car enthusiasts, or even just those that just need plenty of storage space. Your Quonset hut is what you make of it — so make it the work, living, or storage space of your dreams.

All Sizes

The amount of usable space within a Quonset hut is massive. If you only need 150 square feet worth of space to accomplish your work, you can easily partition it off. The huts use prefabricated metal sections that can be added to or removed from as needed.


Who says your Quonset hut can’t be bright red? Unless you live in a neighborhood with an HOA and stringent community guidelines, do whatever your heart desires. You can customize your steel Quonset building with any color you’d like. As a bonus, the paint and synthetic resins can also act as a thermal barrier for anything you store inside.


However you prefer access to your structure, the front and back ends of your Quonset hut are entirely customizable. You can use almost any type of garage door, roll-up door, or walk-in door available. Or perhaps you don’t require anything complicated and need just a simple door – that’s an option as well.


Not all Quonset huts require insulation, but some customers prefer it, and it can be necessary for specific storage. You can install insulation upon initial installation, or it can be retrofitted after the fact should you decide to modify it later. The insulation is typically a lightweight, fiberglass sheet.


It never hurts to let a little light in. You are provided with window frames upon installation, with prefabricated mounting holes that are easy to install. This can make your home or office feel a little cozier and less industrial.


As we briefly mentioned previously, the doors can be of any kind, from roll-up to just an uncomplicated door. The door’s best location depends on the hut’s site, but thankfully these resourceful structures can be repurposed and refitted as needed.

Natural Light

Windows are not your only option to let in a little light. Some customers prefer a skylight, mainly when dealing with plants. The skylight allows light to shine in at three different angles instead of coming in from smaller openings on the sides.


Installing vents to provide maximum airflow is recommended, as any structure can get overheated or alarmingly cold. Louver vents can reduce heat and add to energy savings. Turbine vents, the other popular option, are installed on the roof. When heat and moisture build-up inside, the turbine vents pull it out and help maintain circulation. One of the benefits of a turbine system is that it does not use gas or electricity but instead relies on wind velocity.

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There’s no end to how you can customize your Quonset hut. Whenever you’re ready, Powerbilt Steel Buildings is here to help. With over 20 years of experience, our Quonset huts are rated number one across the United States. So don’t wait another day to set up your hut, contact Powerbilt Steel Buildings today at +1 (800) 547-8335.

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