Fundamental Differences Between Arch-Wall and Straight-Wall Metal Buildings

Fundamental Differences Between Arch-Wall and Straight-Wall Metal Buildings
May 2020

When selecting a building to fulfill your needs—no matter what they may be—it is vital to choose a style that best fits your demands and preferences. All across the United States, Americans have turned to metal buildings due to their many advantages, including affordability, strength, and versatility.

Two of the most common—and most obviously different—metal buildings designs are arch-wall and straight-wall metal buildings. While the visual differences are striking, there are far more distinctions than meet the eye. For more on what makes arch buildings and straight-wall metal buildings different—and which will work best for you—continue reading!

Key Shared Features

As different as arch-wall steel buildings (also known as Quonset buildings) and straight-wall metal buildings are, they do share some key features. These commonalities make both designs fantastic options for those looking for great, cost-effective space. Both feature numerous tremendous traits, and we’ve highlighted a few key ones below.

  • Steel Construction – Quonset buildings and straight-wall metal structures both feature steel construction. By using steel as the primary building material, durability and strength are dramatically increased. This makes them long-lasting and highly resistant to inclement weather.
  • Easy to Install – The prefabricated nature of both metal building styles makes delivery and installation a breeze. The cost and time savings that can be attributed to this ease are invaluable when it comes to saving resources.
  • Customizable – Powerbilt Steel Buildings’ prides itself on being the best manufacturer of Quonset buildings in the United States. Part of its appeal is its intuitive customization process that gives you nearly unlimited control over the design of your new building. This allows you to custom tailor your building to fit your exact needs.

Fundamental Differences

Though they share many features that elevate them above traditional buildings and other options on the market, arch buildings and straight-wall buildings also have multiple fundamental differences. When making your next building investment, it is these differences that will likely be the determining factors in which style you choose. So, without farther adieu, here are some of the main differences between Quonset buildings and straight-wall metal buildings.

  • Design – The most visually-evident fundamental difference between the two styles is just that—their style. Quonset buildings feature curved walls, while straight-wall buildings utilize walls that are perpendicular to the ground. Typically, this means straight-wall buildings look more traditional, so if you want your building to blend in rather than stand out, you may wish to opt for a straight-wall building. However, there are some advantages to choosing an arch-wall metal building.
  • Interior Space – While this could be considered a shared benefit of Quonset and straight-wall buildings since both feature ultra-functional clear span design, the design you choose may be influenced by the slight differences in that usable space. If you plan to utilize wall space, a straight-walled building is ideal as the vertical surfaces do not interfere with those plans. However, if you do not need to place things directly against the walls, a Quonset building may be the better option.
  • Versatility – This is another aspect of steel arch buildings and straight-wall buildings that could be considered a shared benefit. Both designs are incredibly versatile, making them fantastic choices for applications of all kinds. However, straight-wall metal buildings do allow for a much wider clear span design, more easily facilitating multiple stories and satisfying needs for huge amounts of usable space. That being said, Quonset buildings can feature unlimited length, making them a viable option for the majority of applications.

The Benefits of Powerbilt Steel Buildings

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