Everything You Need to Know About a Steel Quonset Hut House

Everything You Need to Know About a Steel Quonset Hut House
Dec 2020

What once was old is now making a comeback in a big way. Quonset huts were previously used as temporary homes for soldiers during the war. However, now the look and style of steel Quonset hut houses have become trendy for homeowners. In fact, these Quonset hut homes have a functional design. Building your own place in the arch style comes with a slew of cost-effective and eco-friendly benefits.

If you want to customize your living space with strong, sustainable material, a steel Quonset hut might be the best home design for you. Powerbilt Steel Buildings offers the best metal Quonset homes in the industry. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from a steel Quonset hut.

Quonset hut homes

What Makes a Quonset Hut a Home?

Quonset homes have a distinct shape, coming in semi-cylindrical or semi-arch. The style originated in Rhode Island, and the unique design offers a tremendous amount of storage space. It comes in a couple of different design options.

The first option is the “P” model that looks traditional. The hut resembles the ones you see in most garages in workshops. It is equipped with straight walls and a swished roof.

The second option is the “S” model, and many experts consider it to be stronger. It has a dome-like roof with a straight sidewall, used as a workshop or a barn depending on your specific needs. These steel Quonset huts houses can withstand inclement weather.

While both have their own characteristics, you can easily use one or the other for your residential metal building home. The amount of livable space that these Quonset hut homes provide is nothing short of remarkable. You can also easily decorate the space with several features to add to the ambiance, such as custom end walls, a few windows, or even add a mezzanine.

Quonset hut homes

Reap the Many Benefits of Your Quonset Hut Home

There are lots to consider when building a steel Quonset hut home. Several perks can sell you on the idea.

  1. Cost-Effective: Quonset hut homes come with a small price tag. A traditional house-building typically requires 2,000 square feet of land at about $150 per square foot. That calculates to more than $280,000 in total. In comparison, Quonset hut homes start as low as $5 per square foot, which gives you a lot more house for your buck.
  2. Strong Building Material: Anyone who lives in areas prone to hurricanes or other natural disasters should note: Quonset hut homes are some of the strongest human-made buildings ever made. The steel structures can stand up to high winds with no problem. These long-lasting designs are created with PVC containing galvanized steel. It is also resistant to snow and even fire.
  3. Fast Assembly Time: When it comes to setting up a Quonset hut home, time is no issue. It can be assembled quickly and relatively easily, especially considering the laborious and lengthy task of traditionally constructed homes.
  4. Customized Living Space: If you are a fan of an open space concept, the steel Quonset hut home provides the possibility of maximized space. The semi-circular design is available in different lengths that can be tailor-made to any requirements you need for your residence. In need of separate rooms? Put up a partition in any part of the space that you wish. The huts can also be ventilated, insulted, or installed with a variety of other house equipment. Another benefit is the rolling top shape that has the aerodynamic quality for air to pass.
  5. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: If you want your home to be a friend to Mother Earth, you want something that will last. Quonset hut homes are made of recyclable material, especially those that utilize steel and galvanized coating. The structure is sustainable, and it is also suitable for a quick setup process, which translates to less waste for a landfill. You can again go above and beyond and add a beautiful covering that protects the hut home from prolonged UV ray damage.
Quonset hut homes

Most Common Floor Plans and Sizes for Metal Quonset Hut Houses

Steel Quonset hut houses are available in a variety of sizes. What works best for you depends on several different needs. After you have selected what you need for your structure, consider how much space you have on your property. It would be best to plot how you envision your floor plan to ensure that you are getting the right home for you. Several satisfied customers have found solace in these modern prefab structures for their houses and other uses.

  1. 24’x24’ (about 576 square feet): This size is popular for a modern double car garage. It can also easily suit a single person home, with a one-bedroom and one bathroom layout equipped with a kitchen, dining room, and living room. It may be minimal, but this small size is cheap and also practical.
  2. 40’x30’ (about 800 square feet): This size is comparable to a house with a master bedroom and a smaller bedroom. It is also big enough for two bathrooms, perfect for a small family. The adequate living space can be ideal with a kitchen, living room, and dining room for a functional Quonset hut home.
  3. 30’x40’ (about 1200 square feet): The largest of the floor plans, this kind of home offers up a sizable advantage for homeowners with large families. It is even big enough for a mezzanine as a way to double up the amount of storage. This size can equip two master bedrooms, two smaller bedrooms, a kitchen, multipurpose room, dining room, and living room. Liven it up any way you want to make this Quonset home.

Building Your Own Metal Quonset Hut Home

You decided that a Quonset hut design is ideal for you and your property needs. Whether you are single or have a family, this steel design is perfect for many reasons. You can save time, money, and customize everything to fit your specific desires. However, before you get started, you should determine a few factors about your new home.

  1. Understanding Quonset Hut Material: For years, Quonset huts were made of aluminum with interlocking arches. Once the war was over, the most popular of these homes are now made of steel frames. The galvanized steel provides a linear grooved pattern that is surprisingly lightweight and easy to transport.
  2. Quonset Hut Insulation: Having proper insulation is critical in completing the metal Quonset hut home installation. The metal shell is designed to be low maintenance with watertight, weatherproof, and moisture-free features. Make sure the sheet is attached well so that a cold breeze or a heatwave will not be able to penetrate your residence. You could insulate with a super metal sealant, and double-sided tape rounded from the ground part, up to the top, and then back down. You can also use closed-cell spray foam to insulate the exterior shell.
  3. Quonset Hut Interior Design: The traditional smaller Quonset hut can be aesthetically pleasing without elaborate details. The look is based on whatever pleases your interior design choices. The arched characteristics make decorating a bedroom with the right master bed even more elegant than you can imagine. Other ideas include adding steel cabinets and steel appliances to keep up with the rustic look and free-standing furniture to make it inviting for guests.
  4. Quonset Hut Endwalls: The home can be as traditional or as modern as you wish. Your customizable end walls for the Quonset hut can make your living space as open-ended as you want it to be.
  5. Quonset Hut Doors and Windows: The final detail to add to the end walls is picking a door. Because sliding doors are a more convincing way to create a larger space, it is also a low cost and secure way for your hut. Sliding doors take up minimal space and can also be a great option. Whether you want a sliding door, a sectioned door, or a walk-through door, the choice is up to you. You can add windows and ventilation to provide the right amount of airflow. Also, consider a skylight that can also act as a light panel.

Get Settled In a Quonset Hut Home

Metal Quonset hut homes offer a sound option for customers looking to break away from the traditional means of building a house. Get ready to wow your friends and family with this unique yet amazing home.Contact Powerbilt Steel Buildings today at +1 (800) 547-8335 to get your steel Quonset hut home.

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