Carports vs Garages

Jul 2013

Metal garage

Sometimes it seems like the world has it in for your car. Bird bombs, hail storms, even those sticky little flower petals in the spring… all conspiring to gunk up or damage your shiny ride. Everything is fine if you have a garage, but what if all you have is a driveway? Or multiple cars but only room for one in the garage? Many savvy car owners have found that the easiest, most flexible, and most cost effective solution is to buy a carport.

Metal carports protect your car from those nefarious birds and flowers every bit as well as a garage. But the real value can come from hail protection. Did you know that many insurance companies refuse to cover hail damage? And hail repair bills can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. So just after one hailstorm, your carport will have easily paid for itself.

And you get much more than just car protection when you buy a carport. You get an easily movable shelter for parties and projects. Most aluminum carports allow for portability and ease of setup, so with the help of just a few friends you can transport your carport to anywhere on your property for nearly any purpose. And carports offer far more flexibility than garages when it comes to size, if you need to store larger vehicles such as boats or RVs.

But flexibility and protection aside, carport installation costs are simply lower than the cost of building an entirely new garage. And they more easily match to your existing style. And they are more environmentally friendly to produce and maintain. AND they offer more flexibility with regard to placement.

The list of advantages goes on and on. If you were lucky enough to buy a house with a large enough garage to store your car, your tools, your boat, your RV, and host every party you might ever decide to throw, then your worries are over. For the rest of us, metal carports offer a perfect solution at an affordable price. What more could you ask for?

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