A-Model Quonset Huts

Our A-Model Quonset Hut Style Building Our buildings come with full step by step instructions and all American U.S Support. Buildings on estimate can be put up within a couple of hours with two or more people. Basic Tools will be needed to build your structure.  Contact your support representative for more information +1 (800) 547-8335

Common Uses For A-Model Quonset Huts

  • Garage Building
  • Storage Building
  • Military Use Building
  • Agriculture Buildings
  • Long Term Food Storage
  • Bunker Entrance
  • Carport
  • Residential Garage
  • Commercial Garage
  • Residential Homes
  • Indoor Pool Cover
  • Workshops / Personal Hut (Man/Women Cave)

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Quonset Hut Buildings

  • Up to 40 Feet Wide
  • Fully Customizable Color Options
  • 4 to 12 Foot Pitch Roof
  • 40 Year Warranty
  • Constructed To Meet Local and Government Building Codes
  • Discounts For Bulk Purchases


Quonset Hut Buildings Our new A Series Quonset Hut Steel Building enjoys the same tested engineering as our P Series steel buildings. The appeal of this building style lies in its 4  to 12 foot pitch roof, which offers perfect protection for your workshop, storage, or garage space in high wind and snow areas. The A Series of buildings provide many different different colors to choose from; for full customization to meet your needs.

History Behind The Quonset Hut

A-Model Quonset Huts

The A model Quonset Hut Steel Building has the same engineering as the P model Quonset Hut Steel Building. This building comes in a 4 to 12 foot pitch roof, which makes it a great fit to use for Garages, Shops, and homes – where the safety, hygiene, and durability matters the most. The roof pitch allows the snow to slide off by itself without creating any debris.

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Quonset Hut Buildings

Trust A Company that has over 20+ Years in the Steel Building industry and has been able to maintain an A+ Rating throughout our history. Powerbilt Metal Building Quonset Huts, Steel & Metal Building Experts will be able to fully customize your structure..We are committed to providing you the most honest estimates on the market and we will never over price you.  We will even price match a competitor if at all possible!

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We are an all American U.S Based Company.  We do not outsource, and use all American made steel.  Help Support the U.S Workforce by buying all American buildings with Powerbilt Steel Buildings! Cut Out the middle man and deal directly with the factory!  We could save you thousands over dealers by choosing Powerbilt Steel Buildings for your next steel building project!


Where Does The Building Get Its Strength From?

The Arch Design is a proven design that helps support itself in even the most extreme loads.  You consistently see the arch design throughout civilization such as in bridges and Quonset Hut Style Buildings.  The Quonset Hut Buildings are also self supporting.  This allows for a metal building to be put up extremely quickly and allows for true clear span design.  The more archs you add to the structure, the stronger the entire building becomes.  This also allows you to expand the building in the future by simply adding additional arches.  No need to destroy the structure, simply add to it ,to expand your needs.

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