7 Things to Know About Steel Quonset Huts

7 Things to Know About Steel Quonset Huts
Oct 2021

When you need an affordable and easily constructed building, Quonset huts can be the answer. However, buying a new Quonset Hut is not an easy task. Of course, you likely have some questions you would like to resolve before committing to a final purchase. Before getting into the details of making the right buying decision, let’s learn some basics about this type of structure.

Basic Facts About Quonset Huts

These semi-permanent structures have a long history of use for over 75 years. They also are proven to be dependable, with their first applications dating back to World War II. During this time, the US Navy adopted Quonset huts as a practical solution to the need for utility structures in adaptive environments.

But what is a Quonset hut? Simply put, Quonset huts are long buildings made out of curved steel. These curved arches form a semi-circle roof. Made of lightweight material and assembled with simple construction, these buildings are great for many different use cases.

Quonset huts originally served the US Navy for military purposes. During this time, they served as housing, storage, and even latrines. However, in modern times they have become reliable residential and commercial building options.

Quonset huts get their name from where the first buildings of their kind were made. This was in Quonset Point, Rhode Island (home of the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center). It was here that this revolutionary building design took shape.

7 Important Considerations Before Buying a Quonset Hut

If you’re considering investing in a steel Quonset hut, you should first understand a few important things. Quonset huts serve a wide variety of purposes, but knowing how one will help you requires careful planning ahead of time. Below are a few questions to ask yourself before moving forward with your investment.

Is a Quonset Hut Right for Me?

Quonset huts are reliable structures, but they are not perfect for every application. The main drawback is that their military-inspired appearance can be unattractive to some. However, the low cost and easy maintenance of a metal Quonset hut are far better than other structures. Quonset huts are resilient to all forms of weather. Snow, rain, and even wildfire do not penetrate the steel walls of a Quonset hut. They also have a minimal internal frame which maximizes usable space.

How Will I Use the Building?

Steel Quonset huts can be adapted to many different uses. After all, the utility of a Quonset hut is born out of military necessity in unique terrain. In addition, Quonset carports and garages can keep vehicles safe from the elements. They also provide excellent storage for grain, wood, and other materials that need to be protected from the weather. Quonset huts are versatile for almost any use.

What Size Building Do I Need?

Depending on your specific use case, a Quonset hut can be designed to fit your needs. Quonset hut kits come in standard sections to be built out to any specifications. Manufacturers design these Quonset hut kits to be adapted to the broad spectrum of needs that customers may have. So, whether you only need a small hut or a large Quonset garage, you can build a Quonset hut kit to your specific standards and needs.

What’s My Budget?

The cost of any construction is one of the most important things to take into consideration. Quonset huts are no exception. Certainly, the cost was also a major factor in the US military’s own decision to adopt Quonset huts as a standard. Fortunately, today’s customers have even more flexibility to design a steel Quonset hut to fit their budget. With modern manufacturing and supply chains, a basic Quonset hut costs only about $10 to $13 per square foot. From there, you can customize to consider options such as windows, skylights, and more to suit your needs.

What Are My Load Requirements?

You must consider the load requirements of any structure before beginning construction. Quonset huts are great supporting structures. Their arched shape makes them especially capable of handling strong loads. Taking into account your own storage requirements (such as hanging items) along with outside factors like heavy snow is crucial. This ensures you have a building that is strong enough for your needs. It is also important to check with local inspectors to know that your building can support the loads required by local regulations.

Who is Going to Build It?

One of the biggest advantages of steel Quonset huts is that you can build them yourself. Professionally manufactured Quonset hut kits are made to be easily assembled. These kits do not require any advanced machinery. However, for advanced building designs, it may be helpful to seek outside assistance from a professional. Fortunately, the simplicity of Quonset huts cuts down on the costs of professional assembly.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Quonset Building?

Part of the original necessity of Quonset huts was the requirement to be constructed quickly. The first Quonset huts needed to be built in hostile conditions where time was of the essence. With today’s manufacturing capabilities, Quonset huts are even easier to build. In fact, the average Quonset hut can be built by a few people in only a couple of days.

Quonset Hut Kits Allow You to Build Your Own

The US Navy first used Quonset huts in World War II, thanks to their durability and ease of assembly. Because of this, they had to take into consideration the environment these buildings would be placed in. Tough conditions like this required durable construction that could be done quickly and easily. Today, these benefits are still available to consumers who invest in their own Quonset huts.

With a steel Quonset hut kit, you can design a durable building to fit your needs. From there, you can build the structure yourself. Quonset hut kits are professionally manufactured to make assembly easy even in the toughest conditions. With customizable design options available, a Quonset hut kit can be affordable on any budget. They also save on labor costs, as a three-person crew can put a kit together in as little as one weekend.

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