Steel Building Kits and There Many Uses

Powerbilt Steel Building Kits Applications:


Perfect 1 or 2 car garages or backyard shops

Quonset Hut Buildings


Warehouses, retail metal buildings and small stores

Quonset Hut Buildings


Ideal workspace for the do it yourselfer

Quonset Hut Buildings


Boat storage, shops, warehouses for all branches.

Quonset Hut Buildings


Great cover for your helicopter or airplane.

Quonset Hut Buildings


Solid metal buildings delivered factory direct .

Quonset Hut Buildings


Perfect garage building kits for autobody or paint shops.

Quonset Hut Buildings


Steel storage buildings for crops, heavy equipment, steel barns & more.

Quonset Hut Buildings

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Check out a few of our recent client testimonials:

“I am very pleased to have bought my prefabricated metal buildings from Powerbilt. From my first inquiry to the completion of the building I experienced a concern by the company to find out what suited my my needs best and then delivering it. From the ordering of the metal building to the construction and completion of the unit the company’s staff followed my progress and helped me to successfully complete the building within a few days. After it was finished all my neighbors wanted one. ”
– W. Ellis, Riverside, CA


First I want to apologize for being so worried about purchasing prefabricated metal buildings from Powerbilt Steel. The building is up an looks great. We had a local construction company erect the building and the plans and the instructions book could not have been better! All of the parts were there and the guy who delivered it was very patient while we looked over the boxes and could not have been any nicer. If we need any building in the future, we will definitely get in touch with Powerbilt. I guess all my worrying was for nothing, so thanks and have a great holiday! ”
– Chuck Foster, Divisional Engineer, Samuel Strapping Systems

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