Material Specs for Commercial Steel Buildings


Galvalume is an aluminum-zinc coated steel that provides extra corrosion protection for our arch commercial steel buildings. The cost of Galvalume is about the same as that of galvanized steel.

Galvalume offers the best qualities of aluminum-coated (aluminized). and zinc-coated (galvanized) steels. It has barrier corrosion resistance and heat resistance similar to aluminized and good bare edge galvanic protection and forming qualities like galvanized. So, Galvalume on your commercial steel buildings and or arch building will resist rust, the elements and fire while providing a sturdy and protective covering for your commercial steel buildings and or steel arch building. Quonset Hut Buildings


Currently, uses for Galvalume include car mufflers, standing seam roofing, tubing for fences, greenhouses, steel arch buildings and much more. Galvalume offers excellent cost-effectiveness, which we pass on to our customers.


Our steel buildings are coated with Galvalume, by virtue of its combined protection of aluminum and zinc, has at least twice the service life, in most atmospheric environments, of conventional galvanized steel with the same coating thickness.

In a series of exposure tests performed over a 13-year period by Bethlehem Steel, Galvalume steel was found to outlast galvanized by:

Four times in exposure tests in a severe marine environment.

Twice as long in a less severe marine location.

Six times longer in industrial environments.

Three times longer in rural situations.


Galvalume steel resists intermediate and high temperatures far more effectively than galvanized steel.

Specifically, Galvalume steel shows no discoloration up to 315°C (600°F) during continuous or intermittent exposure over a prolonged period. Above this temperature, some discoloration does occur and roughening of the surface is possible. Neither this discoloration nor roughening, however, reduces Galvalume’s resistance to rust. Galvalume maintains its rust-resistance up to 675°C (1,250°F). Additionally, Galvalume has an excellent heat reflectivity, up to operating temperatures of about 315°C (600°F). This heat reflectivity makes a steel arch building cooler inside on hot, sunny days.

Check out what a few of our past clients had to say about PowerBilt Buildings:

“Our company makes parts for mountain bikes. We had ordered prefabricated metal buildings from another company, but on the delivery day they called and said there would be a two-week delay. We had already moved out of our old factory space and the weather report said we were going to be hit by a hurricane in five days. Out of desperation we called Powerbilt Steel Buildings. They delivered our new building within two days – at a savings of 15%. When the hurricane came, we were ready. Our new Powerbilt building rode out that storm without a shimmy or a shake.”
– Peter Benet, North Carolina

A neighbor of mine and I put the building up. We are both 60 years old. I am very proud of it and have no disappointment. I would recommend your steel buildings to anyone!”
– Howard Mayo, Goochland, Virginia

“Thanks again for being so helpful on the phone and supplying me with so much information! The other businesses I talked to were either unresponsive or had a prescribed “shpeel” that they wanted me to listen toyou listened to what we are wanting and then acted on that information. ”
– Suzie Pipin, Florida

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